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Episode 130: True Salt

Fandom on life support – Blazers/Pistons recap – Plateau vs trending up – The PB & J of basketball – Not arguing for Dre anymore – True salt – Count your blessings or accept nothing short of absolute victory? – Blazers? – Who can take the East? – East/West Matchup of the Week

*For clarity: The Cavaliers received 3 #1 picks in 4 seasons (2011, 2013, & 2014) while picking #4 in 2012.

Episode 128: Rip City Bad Boys – The Pulse of the NBA

Baby Prep – Project fail – Death Spiral to Mediocrity – 1st round draft picks are GOLD – ESPN: All the King’s Men – Van Gundy has failed – Is Nurkic producing enough – When to start over – East/West Matchup of the Week

Episode 127: Rip City Bad Boys Speech Services

Kielen overshares about his basement – Trying to adult – Unrealistic disappointment – SVG finding his next Jameer Nelson – Portland does development right – Alvin Gentry: Still Employed – We do speech – East/West Matchup of the Week


Episode 126: Out Of The Woods

Note: Shorter episode because Kielen botched recording and entire segment and will be fined.

Detroit and Portland come out of the woods and finally win a game! – The Stupid Train – We still don’t believe Houston – We still hate Alvin Gentry – Amino Acid/Speed Racer – Paul Mokeski: Gym Teacher – East/West Matchup of the Week

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